Professional Quality Grills for Your Backyard

ProFire Grills are made in the U.S.A. and the beauty goes far beyond its appearance. Each ProFire grill is precision engineered and constructed of quality materials. The result is a wide selection of grills that offer long-term performance and a lifetime of reliable use.

Built-In or Portable

PFDLX Series Grill

ProFire Grills can be built into brick, stone or stucco enclosures or mounted on a stylish stainless steel cart. The only limit is your imagination. You can even build your enclosure out of wood by using our patented insulated sleeve. We’re confident you’ll find the right portable grill or grill components to create the perfect built-in grill for a lifetime of outdoor cooking enjoyment.

Indoor Grill

ProFire ProSear Indoor Grill

Prepare food simply and effectively with that great outdoor flavor in an economical, safe and hassle-free way. Delivering maximum performance and years of low-maintenance operation, ProFire has perfected the art of delicious restaurant grilled flavor with this High Quality Stainless Steel Indoor Infrared Grill.

Standard on all ProFire Models

  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1/4” or 5/16” Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Grids
  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Flavor Plates
  • Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Burners
  • Electronic Multiple Spark Ignition
  • Dual Purpose Thermometer on PF Series
  • Stainless Steel Smoker Tray is Standard on the PF Series

Made in America


  • Standard Burner System
  • Hybrid Burner System
  • Rear Infrared Burner

Burner Systems

Standard Burner System
Quality commercial grade stainless steel burners

Hybrid Burner System
Offers the best of both worlds. Spacious 9″x14-3/4″ Infrared burner paired with our traditional stainless steel burners. Infrared burners provide an intense heat that seals in meat juices and reduces flare-ups.

Rear Infrared Burner
Heats up fast to quickly put a seal around meats for juicier and more moist results.
Standard on all “R” model number grills.

  • Flavor Plate

Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Flavor Plates

Unique design flavor plates distribute heat evenly over the entire cooking surface and produces that great out- door barbecue flavor while providing flare-up proof cooking. The durable 16- gauge stainless steel flavor plates are self cleaning, easy to maintain and exclusive on the PF series.

  • Radius Grill Lid
  • LX Grill Lid

ProFire Grill Lids

All lids have 2 layers of heavy-duty stainless steel to prevent heat loss and keep the outer lid cooler. Seamless lids are accented with a polished mirror finish. Lifetime Warranty.

  • Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Grids
  • SearMagic Cooking Grid (smooth side)
  • SearMagic Cooking Grid (ribbed side)

Quality Cooking Grids

Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Cooking Grids
5/16″ thick rods with spacing to accommodate small items. Lifetime Warranty.

SearMagic® Cooking Grids
Made of high-performance, rust-free, hard-coat anodized aluminum, provide increased versatility with a ribbed side for branding with sear lines, while the smooth side is ideal for cooking delicate foods.