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Each burner has its own orifice. Remove the burner and remove orifice. Install correct orifice. Reinstall burner.
On older models it is on the left inner wall of the grill. On current models it is on the bottom side of the drip pan.
The battery may need replacing. Unscrew the ignitor button, replace AAA battery.
To remove grease build up, use Simple Green or similar product. After grease is removed us an oil base stainless polish. For discoloration and burnt on stains, MHP stainless cleaner can be used. Do not use steel wool.
Yes, discoloration from the intense heat and grease build up is normal and is not covered under warranty.
Discoloration and burnt on stains can be removed with the MHP stainless steel cleaner and follow the directions exactly on the back of the bottle and rub with the grain of the stainless. Never use steel wool to clean a stainless steel grill.
Model number, serial number and proof of purchase. Grill must also be registered with Modern Home Products within 60 days of purchase.
On grills purchased after April 1, 2018. Grills purchased before April 1, 2018 fall under our original lifetime warranty.